Thursday, 7 March 2013

Duncan's Story

06th March 2013
Duncan invited me and Jasmine into his lovely new flat……
Offered us a cup of tea and made us feel welcome.

Firstly Duncan would like to thank all the staff who supported him throughout his stay at Signposts. 4 years ago.

Duncan was a transport manager in Leighton Buzzard and owned his own home. Duncan had an accident where he injured his leg and was no longer able to work; trying to keep his home he used all his savings on paying the mortgage, eventually the house was repossessed.

Duncan had no where to stay Signposts was recommended by NOAH. Duncan anxiously walked up to Signposts 1 to see if they had a room available, where he was met by Karen Russell and Phyl Rainey who did the initial assessment. To Duncan’s relief there was a room available.

29th Jan 2012 Duncan moved into SP1. At SP1 Duncan had 2 key workers Anita and Becky, with their experience and knowledge they supported him to set up his benefits and find out what Duncan was entitled to, setting the first stones in Duncan’s success. Friends were made while at SP1 and Duncan still keeps in contact with a few clients, getting to meet up on different Team SP jobs. Team SP has welcomed Duncan with open arms, he has done a few jobs with Phyl and the team, Duncan says that the railings job seemed to take a long time but enjoyed every moment.

March 2012 – Time to move onward and up wards to SP2, this is where Duncan met Mercy…. When Duncan first met Mercy he said it was a daunting experience…… but when he got to know Mercy she was very helpful and insightful. Mercy supported Duncan with budgeting his money and can remember when payday came he would pay his personal charges where Mercy would be waiting at the office with her hand out……. Duncan knew what was important.

February Moving Day…. Thanks to all the hard work Duncan, Mercy, Becky, Anita and other clients support, Duncan was offered a flat by Luton Community Housing (LCH), he now has a new Key worker Susan from LCH who he enjoys her company and support.

That brings us up to today…. Duncan still works with Phyl and Team SP he is looking forward to Team SP jobs in the future….
Kelly Blankley

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