Monday, 16 September 2013

Homeless in Luton?

At Signposts Luton we offer to support to people for whatever reasons they may find themselves to be homeless. We offer advice and support to those aged 16-64 and it is our aim to help clients achieve their own maximum potential to live and develop in the community. We would not be honest if we boasted that we are 100% successful (we still have a lot to learn in our search for excellence) but we do have a high success rate.

Whilst we are unable to offer everyone that is homeless a room to stay in, we are always happy to give you as much advice as we can face to face or over the phone. We would always refer you to our local authority, Luton Borough Council if we are unable to support you.

There is lots of information to help Homeless people available at and the Housing Solutions Team are also great at offering useful advice.

Please contact us if you are homeless and you are interested in making a referral - 01582 482942.

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