Saturday, 16 November 2013

What's been happening at Signposts One, Luton?

Well the week began with a brand new door being fitted in the front office (and it looks great)! All we need to do now is have it varnished or painted so it fits in with the new lovely theme we have in our office. We wanted the office to be welcoming and relaxing for our clients so it has been given a fresh new lick of paint and had a few pictures added along with some new plants and flowers.
There were Keywork sessions throughout the day and two of the staff went to a meeting at Luton Borough Council regarding the Rough Sleeping situation we have in Luton.
On Tuesday we had our weekly House Meeting where we give our clients the options to choose menus for the following week and discuss any issues around the project. We also discuss activities and policies in relation to our clients stay at Signposts. Two of the staff members and one of our volunteers went to Drugs & Alcohol Awareness Training at Alcohol Services for the Community and they all found it very interesting. There was a lot of useful information and details to be given to our client group. We also had a visit from the Fire Brigade to discuss training opportunites.
Wednesday was our Health & Safety Day so lots to do and keep us all busy to make sure that the living environment is safe for our clients, staff and any visitors. Again, keywork sessions were held throughout the day to support our clients.
Thursday and Friday were a little less busy, but we were still working hard and preparing for the weekend.
Today is Saturday and we have assessments coming in over the weekend as well as keywork sessions and staff will be getting their hands dirty preparing the meals for the clients.
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