Tuesday, 21 July 2015

Feedback from Work Experience Students

Signposts were visited for a whole working day by 2 great students from St Albans Girls School. The girls wrote about their day at Signposts and here is what they thought and experienced...

"Hello Signposts, we wanted to say a massive thank you for having us, we had such a good experience experiencing work life. Thank you for giving us the gift bags, we love them and thank you for letting us do the flipcharts. We enjoyed every second of it, all of you were so kind and helpful and we would love to come again. Thank you from Anouk."

"Our day:
Me and Amelia arrived around 9am and got introduced to all the staff and got showed around the head office. We looked in Kevin’s room and there were so many pictures of family it was unreal. Then we received our gift bags and started writing in the booklets straight away.

After that we joined a meeting; we started with an icebreaker where we talked about our favourite trip and jobs and how life was at school. We all went to the back of the meeting room and took a group selfie, then Phyl (Philadelphia) handed out the agenda of the meeting.

Firstly we talked about the clients and induction, then we discussed new projects and timesheets and dates of new meetings. We looked at some job applications and discussed if the job description was right. We decided that we would take off ‘both written and verbal English’. After we talked about the highlights of training days.

Next we learnt about breakaway and self-defence, we told the group about what happened yesterday when a man was following us and we were planning our attack if he threatened us. We talked about teaching people self-defence on training days, and what a volunteer needed to be like. 

We came out of the meeting early and went with Sarah to Swaysdale. We had sheets to tick off about health and safety, we observed furniture and conditions of fabrics such as curtains and chairs. We looked around for dangerous items and Sarah told us how important it was to keep fire doors shut to stop a fire. Then we made sure that there were no tripping hazards and we checked the garden to see that everything was in good condition. It was really fun because Sarah kept joking around and they were really kind (Ricky, Lee and Andy). They even offered us a sausage sandwich which was really thoughtful bearing in mind that they don’t have much money themselves.

When we got back the meeting still hadn’t finished, we were amazed by how long the people could handle being in a meeting, we certainly couldn’t. Sarah took us to the newsagents to get an ice cream which was really nice and it reminded us about when we were really little kids eating smartie ice creams yum! Kevin definitely wasn’t happy about it though!"

Now for Amelia's Feedback....

Work Shadowing at Signposts – Amelia Furley

"At roughly 12.20 pm, one of the members of staff, Maggi drove us to the SOS building in Luton where 14 clients were currently staying.  When we arrived we were introduced to four of Signposts clients, Billy, Darren, Cindy and Vil, who were very kind and welcoming. We then made everyone a sandwich and offered around a bowl of fruit.

Afterwards Maggi gave us a brief tour of the building, showing us the lounge, the office, the laundry room and what some of the bedrooms looked like. As well as this Maggi told us some of the building’s rules for examples the client’s curfew and also showed us the weekly breakfast, lunch and dinner menu. 

Next we went into the office and Maggi and Alex, another support carer, had a cup of tea and Anouk and I were rewarded with a Ferrer Roche and a pan au chocolate. After this we were introduced to one of Signpost clients Cindy who gave us a little insight into what it was like living in the SOS building and told us her wonderful plans for the future. Later on she went out to look for a flat.

Also we met another client named Gemma who we nicknamed “Kelly boom boom” because Maggi kept accidently calling her Kelly. She was very friendly and nice and also watched Anouk and I’s rolly Polly’s in the lounge.

Afterwards Phyl also a member of Signposts came to collect Anouk, Gemma and I to drive us to the Values meeting back at the main office. Whilst we were in the car we all sang really loudly to capital music station and nick named Phyl “Philadelphia”.

As soon as we arrived we dropped our bags off downstairs and went into the meeting room to meet many more clients and more members of staff. The aim of the meeting was to attempt to create a list of suitable values which we thought represented Signposts and its community.

In this meeting we looked at a long list of values make previously by members of staff and clients, and decided which ones were similar or dissimilar to each other, so could be removed.

We presented our ideas and spider diagrams on flip charts and later on decided we wanted to do a music video which included singing our values and ambitions. After deciding on the video we allocated two of the clients, Marvin and Marc C to do the rapping for the music video then started to discuss our location. The meeting ended around 4pm we said our thank you’s and goodbyes to all the members of staff and clients we met. Then we drove back home and on the way I got a banana milk shake and Anouk go two scoops of Ice cream.

The end"

We think they had a great time, they were buzzing with excitement the whole day, it was a great pleasure to welcome the students and hope they will visit again! 


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