Thursday, 12 November 2015

Well Done Chicken George - Winner of the Best Takeaway in the South East

Chicken George is one of the pillars of the Luton community. The family run restaurant has been trading for over thirty years and many of the customers have literally grown up with the shop, having eaten there since childhood. Most of these veteran clients are now coming in with children of their own, ensuring that the legacy of a Chicken George lives on. Five years ago a pregnant lady's waters broke while she was in the queue – so she named her son George after the restaurant, and he now gets free meals whenever they visit!

Aside from its extensive involvement within the community, the restaurant also caught the judges’ attention with its high quality and varied menu. Employing a chef with michelin star experience, preparing all food daily from scratch, as well as their top-secret sticky ribs recipe, Chicken George won over the panel’s stomachs as well as their hearts.

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